The Grizzley Brothers Chronicles

Alyssa Rose Ivy

NA PNR +18



Hunt, The Grizzly Brothers Chronicles by Alyssa Rose Ivy reawakened my need for shifter-paranormal romance novels. While Ivy's Chronicles moves to its end, HUNT brings newly developed characters, with the same intense charm, sexiness and whit I crave. Of course, I’ve hooked my teeth into a new book boyfriend for bookies and I to fight over. #IanGrizzly.

Mara, the lead female character, enters a small town that is reminiscent of Mayberry intertwined with something out of the Twilight Zone. In a town where everybody knows your name (Cue CHEERS theme song), and some, Crestview is a tad eerie with a ton of untapped secrets.

Mara arrives in Crestview as a research assistant with longtime friend and professor, Connor. While there, she also embarks on a journey to continue in her grandfather’s footsteps… ***NO SPOILERS***

Ian is sexy and he has his eyes on Mara. The gravitational pull he has toward her gets under his skin and he has trouble fighting the emotions. Although, Mara wants to protect herself, she cannot deny the instant "spark" that ignites being around him.

The pace of this book was unlike Grizzly’s predecessor. In order to give readers more backstory on new characters, I agree with its speed. I was a bit apprehensive and inpatient at first, but watching the characters slowly unravel proved an opportunity to decide if I liked them, wanted them to die a quick death, or if I wanted to tattoo their name on my chest lol. No worries, because of Ivy's style of writing, I instantly fell in love with all the newbies, even the ones I’m sure to LOVE to HATE.

Again, because I don't want to spoil the book, there are surprises that will keep you enthralled and waiting more. And right when you get to the point you begin to understand an inkling of the direction of this tale, it ends. LOL.

Happy Reading!


The Hollywood Project #1

CD Reiss

Adult Romance +18



I'm such a fan of second chance romance. This book truly possessed everything I'd hope for in an adult romance novel. A great backstory of both characters, each with their own past and things to overcome. It wasn't overly sexed as it wasn't necessary for the development of the story or characters. 

I thoroughly enjoy all of CD Reiss's books, but this by far was my favorite. Not because I don't enjoy a little kink, but this one touched my heart...especially the end!

Marked-Marked Duology Book 1

Audiobook Review

Jennifer Snyder

NA PNR +18



I enjoyed this story. Very well written and age appropriate for the YA genre. Jennifer presented well developed characters and a likable story-line.

Betty Soo is a new narrator to me and she did the story justice. In had no problems listening to her as any of the characters except Rachel. I thought her version of Rachel made her sound older than 18. However, that did not prevent me from continuing.

The only downfall of this audiobook was the feedback in various chapters. It may have been a mic issues, but at least 5 chapters had noise. May want to check the sound and mic on the next book.

Three Two One (321)

Audiobook Review

JA Huss

Adult Dark (explicit sexual contact) +18



I really wasn't sure what to expect when I started listening to this story. After getting so many recommendations about it I had to make sure it was my weekend listen. So I started on Friday evening and completed it on Saturday. The narrator's for this story were great. 

Sebastian York and Ava Erickson did a perfect job capturing the voices of each character. They totally drew me in. 

Julie wrote an amazing story and at first I wasn't sure if I was going to like it but as the story continued I could not stop listening. This book actually put me in tune with every emotion I could ever think of. And it was so much more than sex. The story and the plot twist makes it a top listen for 2016.

Forged in Fire

Forged Chronicles Book 3

Alyssa Rose Ivy

NA PNR +18



Forged in Fire delivers everything I'd hoped it would as we continue the story of James and Ainsley.  Lot's of surprises and twist and for those who haven't read the Afterglow Trilogy, you may want to just as a background.


James again swoons, but now he's dealing with the revelations being shared with him by Daddy Dark. Nothing is what it seems in this tale and I found myself just staring at my eReader with a giant question mark (that's a good thing). 


Ainsley, is not the same person she was in any of the previous books. What makes ARI's writing so perfect, is that she allows her characters to develop. They may start off mildly sniveling or annoying to some, but as they progress, you see the strength they encompass and become heroic in their own right.


Along the way, we meet with previous characters (can't tell ya, but I was happy) and new ones that instantly capture a place in your heart.  If you're like me, it's hard not to like someone, even if they may be the villain.


I'm excited about the direction of the Forged Series and I can't wait to see what happens at the end. With so many wheels turning in the story, I have a feeling there will be more Fantastic Whimsy in the next books to follow!


Audiobook Review

Disney Press

All audiences




Do you guys know how much I love Disney and their movies? Well now I love their audiobooks too!


AUDIO FLOW 5 Headphones

Combine my favorite Disney movie with one of my favorite narrators and you get Five Headphones of love.

Andi Arndt, Narratort has never been better and because I enjoy all things Disney, she brings the characters to life for me in a new way...through audio.


I hope that she is able to showcase her talent with more Disney projects. She will do them justice!

Of Witch's Blood

Ward Witches Book 1 

Jennifer Snyder

YA PNR +16 (mature, some adult language)



Normally, Young Adult Paranormal books aren't my first choice read. Some of them seem to have similar plots and are usually predictable. That's not to say I haven't read a few that pushed the boundaries, providing the adrenaline rush I so desire. After having the opportunity of reading the blurb, something stirred inside that made me want more. Receiving an advanced copy of Snyder’s Of Witch’s Blood left me both excited and anxious to know more.

Without being too wordy, I'll say this book was a change from my normal reads. It has been a while since I've had a chance to exercise my rights to a book hangover. I'm glad to say it was worth it. The characters were well defined and within their age appropriateness in how they mingled with one another. Outside of some of the language, which is normal usage for teens closer to 18, the book would suit any reader over 16.

What captured my attention most about OWB is it really was about witches. It has been a while since I've seen a book dedicated to this grouping. They were the main paranorms in the book, so there wasn't much competition about which creature gets the focus. With that, another story unfolds and we have a few "AHA" moments revealed that pull you in closer, wanting to know more about Tristian, another main character. 

If you are familiar with Snyder's recent PNR's, then you'll be happy to at least hear about some of those characters. Hopefully they will show their faces as the series progresses (one can hope). As stated recently, character development is one of the main things I look for when reviewing a work. I want to know if I can either picture myself in their situation, or if I can identify something in the plot.

In this story I could. The relationship between siblings, Piper and Jasper was refreshing. As to not give spoilers, let's just say the banter and the love he has for her pulled at my heart. Plus Jasper is my new BBF.

As you are in the market for a new PNR that deals with witches, is fun, snarky and has a bit of suspense, then give this book a read. You'll thank me later. 

Mister O

Audiobook Review

Lauren Blakely

Adult Rom-com +18



Let's get right down to it. It's Lauren Blakely and is narrated by Sebastian York. That would be a sufficient and clear review if you know Lauren and have listened to York. However, Mister O was more than a fun and sexy rom-com. It had depth and story that peaks into a man's head.


I love that Lauren's male POVs always show that he isn't just a cocky, sex crazed alpha, but that they, specifically Nick battles with the same insecurities as women. Wondering if the intended love interest shares the same feelings, if they are good enough, and choosing sometimes to protect their heart from possible rejection. 

Nick and Harper have this connection that steams up any room. Nick does his best to escape his feelings for his best friend's sister, but the heart and the "head" wants what it wants. No spoilers, but this was definitely a favorite of mine because of the strong character development, relateable plot concept and for me the choices of both characters' profession.

I'm sure I'll be listening to this again and sharing with others.

As usual, York nails it in his delivery in Mister O really giving me a plethora of delicious thoughts of Nick each night!

From Burning Ashes

The Collector Series Book 4

Stacey Marie Brown

NA PNR +18



Normally my reviews are longer (yes longer than this one lol) because I over think. However, the less I say the more intrigued you will be. The series has ended and I am parts excited by how perfectly written the story played out and sad because these are characters I've grown to love. 

When an author can depict an emotion with words that make you feel all of what is being said, then they've not only done their job, but did it well. This is how I feel about SMB's From Burning Ashes. None of the characters had it easy. From the beginning it has been a race to survive. And while reading, all I could say was "can they catch a break?" lol.

FBA is everything I'd hoped it would be and some. It was heart pounding, heartfelt and an adrenaline rush as Zoey, Ryker and Sprig fought to the death against their pursuants. 

Stacey once again proves herself in the finale of an amazing series. She had me worried for a moment, but she never seems to disappoint her readers. Even though her cliffhangers have cliffhangers. FBA has become another favorite to be cherished and housed in my heart for life!


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